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Students at St. Luke’s have the opportunity to explore a full range of fine arts. Regular participation with art begins in the early childhood program. Our youngest children explore artistic creativity as part of their daily routines. They also attend music and movement classes two times per week. Kindergarten students add a weekly trip to the art room with a certified teacher who guides them in their study of elements of art. Students in PreK-4 and kindergarten even experiment with the performing arts through annual productions.

Lower school students continue their art education through weekly art classes. They study elements of art, the influence of the arts on cultures around the world, and the works of famous artists. They learn techniques for painting and using clay along with other media. Fourth and fifth-grade students begin to explore computer-generated graphics on iPads. Lower school students continue learning about the performing arts through class plays and the production of videos they create and edit.

Middle school students experience the fine arts through an elective based program. Each quarter, they are able to select courses in drama, painting, pottery, computer graphics, and film and literature. In addition, 6th-grade students may take a music exploration class where they get to try a variety of instruments that interest them. Seventh and 8th-grade students are eligible to participate in band.