Board of Trustees

The St. Luke’s Board of Trustees is charged with the duty to promote the mission of the school by providing a holistic vision for success and by adhering to sound financial practices while also demonstrating proactive governance consistent with the objectives of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Baton Rouge. The Board of Trustees is composed of parents, grandparents, parishioners and friends of St. Luke’s Church and School who provide guidance, service and support to the school’s mission.

2018-19 Board of Trustees

Lydie Neumann, Chair
Dr. DeAnn Johnson, Vice-Chair
Namisha Patel, Secretary
Rebekah Summerville, Treasurer
Rob Farmer, Institutional Advancement
Charles Hansberry, Committee on Trustees
Lacy Howe, Sr. Warden
Lori Puls, Development
Dr. Ronald Andrews
Angelle Brown
Dr. Sonia Godail
Brian Juban
Tiffany Moore
Sarah Rainwater
David Ritter
Martin Schott (Chancellor)
Nick Somogyi
Aimee Stewart
Natalie Stiltner
Laura Thomas
Connie Bradford, Head of School
The Rev. Dr. Bryan Owen, Rector