Lower School

St. Luke’s lower school continues to build upon the skills developed in our Early Childhood program. Each day, our students are given opportunities to explore, discover, and experiment in age appropriate ways. Our teachers create lessons that challenge ours students to think critically, work collaboratively, and problem solve. Children can then demonstrate their learning through hands-on creative projects and activities.

Lower School Curriculum

We use Guided Reading to provide individualized reading instruction that prepares them for novel studies in upper elementary. This approach to reading instruction develops comprehension, fluency, and a passion for reading all by exposure through different genres of literature.

Science and social studies are taught in units, providing hands-on, driven projects. The Into Math program distributes learning in a spiral curriculum. The material is revisited over months and across grades, leading to long-term mastery of facts, skills and concepts.

The language arts program emphasizes the implementation of proper conventions through activities that help students become effective communicators and confident writers.