Middle School

The middle school environment at St. Luke’s provides for early adolescents to become critical thinkers, inquisitive and creative learners, effective communicators, servant leaders, respectful community members, and team players. There is no pressure for our students to grow up too fast.

Faculty and staff are experienced in middle school education. During these critical years, we recognize that there must be a balance between growing independence and responsibility with a continued need for support, encouragement, and limitations.

Middle School Curriculum

The challenging core curriculum in mathematics, English, social studies, science, and Spanish provide students with the requirements of high school. In addition, middle school students have six core courses, daily electives, weekly advisory and religion.

Below are the core classes students take during 6th through 8th grade:

6th Grade

World History
6th Grade Math
Earth Science

7th Grade

U.S. History
Life Science

8th Grade

World Geography*
Algebra I*
Physical Science
Spanish I*
*High school credit

Overnight Field Trips

Students have the opportunity to participate in overnight field trips that expand the boundaries of the classroom.

6th Grade – Science trip, Hot Springs, AR
7th Grade – Team building and life skills trip, Camp Allen, Navasota, TX
8th Grade History and geography trip, location TBD

“I had a great time at St. Luke’s. I learned and grew so much with the help of my teachers, fellow classmates, and the staff. I had so many great memories while I attended St. Luke’s. One of my favorite memories was going on the 5th-grade field trip and dissecting the shark. It was a great experience. I was very prepared going into high school and didn’t have a hard time adjusting to my new school. St. Luke’s was an amazing school and helped shape me into the person I am today.”

— Madelyn FaKouri, Alum