Our K-8 Model

Studies show the K-8 model can reduce stress on students by eliminating the transition to a new school after lower school. School officials have realized the K-8 model cuts down on a variety of student related issues including discipline and student stress while also boosting students’ academic performance and sense of well being.

Students in K-8 schools report fewer social issues than their peers in traditional middle schools. These results are largely attributed to students having a very consistent school environment over a longer period of time while they are experiencing considerable physical, cognitive, and social growth.

Perhaps the most important benefit to a K-8 model is the environment that allows for tremendous change during the early teenage years. Middle school is a time for exploring new interests and adjusting to amazing physical and social transformations. All this newness is best experienced in a setting that is comfortable and safe.

When you combine the benefits of K-8 education with the Episcopal school belief of small class sizes and experienced, loving teachers, you get students who are truly ready to change their world.