Lower School

St. Luke’s lower school epitomizes vibrancy. Teachers and students work together in a purposeful, hands-on learning environment that often takes them out of their seats and across the region. Students are celebrated as individuals with unique talents and needs. The veteran faculty believes each student not only benefits from individualized instruction in a relaxed yet busy environment but also contributes to the overall strength of the community. Students are challenged to think creatively and to develop strong analytical skills while learning to work collaboratively. In addition to the core curriculum, lower school students enjoy enrichments classes, providing learning opportunities in art, music, technology, Spanish, religion, physical education, and in the library.

Personal responsibility and independence are central to the development of lower school students at St. Luke’s. Students as young as 1st grade walk to the library to check out books on their own each morning. They learn to take charge of their education by learning how to keep an agenda, complete assignments, and use technology creatively. 

Social awareness and spiritual development are equally important in the development of St. Luke’s students. Through the school’s buddies program, lower school students pair up with middle school students to participate in relationship building and service activities. They get to experience firsthand the value of seeing the uniqueness of others and the sense of joy that comes with taking care of others’ needs. Lower school students learn the importance of spiritual formation through weekly chapel and religion classes. They are encouraged to participate as acolytes, sing in chapel, and contribute to various collections to help others in need. In addition, they learn character education and how to treat others through Responsive Classroom, an approach that allows them to practice interpersonal skills.