Middle School

A student’s time at St. Luke’s culminates in middle school where he or she can mature in a rigorous yet safe environment. Early adolescence presents a number of challenges that all students must learn how to handle. St. Luke’s students find support from a veteran faculty who teach them all three years in middle school and from a counselor who works with students individually and in small groups. When they graduate, St. Luke’s alumni are prepared to accept all the opportunities high school can offer.

Academically, students thrive in an inquiry-based learning environment. They continue to hone their critical thinking skills while they prepare for high school. They have the opportunity to graduate from St. Luke’s with high school credit in World Geography, Spanish I, and Algebra I. In addition to the academic curriculum, our students enjoy participating in quarterly elective classes. These classes are intended to offer instruction in areas of interest. Examples include Basic Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Innovative Design, 3D Modeling, Yearbook, Photography, Life Skills, Dance, and more. Students also receive in-depth instruction in Bible, and 8th graders take a personal finance class to teach them the value of handling money properly. Our students also have many opportunities to lead the school through acolyting in chapel, spending time with their lower school buddies, serving on student council, and serving others in the community.

Students who graduate from St. Luke’s do very well in high school. They excel academically, adjust well socially, and earn many leadership positions in their respective high schools. The faculty and staff regularly hear from area public and independent high school representatives about how they can identify St. Luke’s students by their maturity.

“I had a great time at St. Luke’s. I learned and grew so much with the help of my teachers, fellow classmates, and the staff. I had so many great memories while I attended St. Luke’s. One of my favorite memories was going on the 5th-grade field trip and dissecting the shark. It was a great experience. I was very prepared going into high school and didn’t have a hard time adjusting to my new school. St. Luke’s was an amazing school and helped shape me into the person I am today.”

— Madelyn FaKouri, Alum